Full Show (Rockets/Warriors, Zeke, Bucks/Celtics, LeBron's Lakers, Vince Carter, James Harden)


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- Are the Rockets toast after falling to a 0-2 hole? (00:14)
- Are the Cowboys ready to move on from Zeke? (23:02)
- How impressive was the Bucks' blowout win vs. the Celtics? (41:20)
- Should LeBron already want out of LA with all the drama? (51:05)
- Did James Harden's injury cost the Rockets a win on Tuesday? (1:05:17)
- Did Josh Rosen mishandle his exit from the Cardinals? (1:18:18)
- Kendrick Perkins on the Rockets losing Game 2 to the Warriors. (1:31:55)
- Does LeBron James regret joining the Lakers? (1:43:51)
- Why is Vince Carter playing at age 42? (1:53:41)
- Should Panthers fans be jacked about Christian McCaffrey? (1:57:54)

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