Full show (Will Lakers get third max player?, Kawhi’s future, Should KD return to GSW?, Steph Curry’s greatness, Who fits best with LeBron + AD?)


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- Should the Lakers now go after another max player? (:18)
- Would a return to Toronto be Kawhi’s best move? (24:16)
- Is there a hidden agenda behind LeBron giving up his number? (36:16)
- Would a return to Golden State be the right move for KD? (47:48)
- Chris Broussard on if the Lakers should go after another max player. (59:57)
- Should Steph Curry be discussed as an all-time great? (1:13:23)
- Yahoo’s Chris Haynes on LeBron “gifting” Anthony Davis No. 23. (1:26:59)
- Which team has the best chance to sign Kawhi Leonard? (1:38:29)
- Do you believe Magic Johnson is happy about Lakers success without him? (1:48:37)
- Who would fit best with LeBron and AD? (1:54:14)

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