Skiveo Radio: Conversations With Minorities In and Out of College


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I was born. Some time passed. A Nobel Prize winner handed me a midterm. I answered the questions. Some time passed. Now, I’m producing a podcast. Life's w e i r d . My name’s Amina and I like exploring the lives of minorities I find interesting. Who am I? A Black. Muslim. Woman. A Nigerian American. A Princeton University graduate ('15) and a molecular biologist by degree, not by trade. Up until college, my life's goal was to become a hungry "writer" slash less hungry journalist (the latter occurred to my mind after being told the former wasn't a real career). Fast forward to my (I really want to use the more detached, less assertive 'the' but isn't this the age of forthrightness) edtech (in theory) startup, Skiveo and the following will make sense: As of 2017, the representation of blacks and Latinos in the upper echelons of colleges/universities has taken a marked 35% dive, despite affirmative action, according to a NY Times study. Yet, of 366 public companies, the most racially diverse and gender-diverse had 35% and 15% greater chances of returns above nationwide industry medians, respectively (McKinsey & Co., 2015). Join me as I, an introvertrepreneur and minority trifecta, try to tease apart mechanisms of progress for minorities, mainly through empirical evidence (research) and unexpected conversations with people in media, tech, fashion, STEM, and more.

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