Tom Horn & Josh Peck - The Messenger (Part 4)


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The Essenes—the ancient Jewish sect who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls—actually predicted mankind would enter the final period of our age in the year 2025 AD, and the feast of trumpets in the fall of 2025 is 3.5 years away from the spring of 2029 when Apophis is set to fulfill the Wormwood prophecy of the Book of Revelation. Why should we care what the Essenes predicted? From their writings that date back to at least a century before Christ and writings about them such as Josephus, they correctly predicted (among many others): • That Herod would be king but would turn bad. • The Messiah would arrive exactly when he did. • The Messiah would raise the dead, which is not found in the Old Testament. • The Messiah would die in 32ad. • The Messiah would be for Gentiles as well. • The Messiah would begin an age of grace. • A Benjamite would explain everything to the Gentiles and his knowledge would be in the synagogue of the gentiles, which is obviously Paul and the New Testament (Testament of Benjamin).

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