Thirst Aid Kit: Jason. And Jason Again.


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We say Sudeikis, you say Mantzoukas, let's call the whole thing off! Yes, it's a 'two for one' deal on this week's episode, in which we examine two funnymen named Jason and figure out their very distinct and very different brands of sex appeal. Sudeikis is all charm in a bottle and Mantzoukas has his wildman persona, and yet both satisfy our varied thirsts.

Finally! We have the return of Thirst Sommelier and this time we’re helping someone find a suitable replacement for Shia LaBeouf, “good boy-bad man.” Fanfic Wars gets cozy and, of course, silly. With these two Thirst Objects, how could it not?

As usual, you can follow us on Twitter @ThirstAidKit. Nichole is @tnwhiskeywoman and Bim is @bimadew. Our music is by Tanya Morgan. You can find show notes, gifs and so much more on our Tumblr at Don’t forget to send us your drabbles by emailing

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