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Hi. My name is Jason Newland. I am a Hypnotist, Counsellor & NLP Master Practitioner. I’m also a proud Daddy to a little Ferret, called Andre. I have been providing this FREE Hypnosis Service, Online, since 2006. I have made hundreds of hypnosis videos & recorded over a thousand mp3 downloads. Everything I do is free for all to download and stream.
This particular, “Sleep Insomnia Hypnosis” podcast, has been running for quite a while. All of my sleep courses are here, (completed & ongoing). Also, all of my long sleep hypnosis recordings from years ago to the present day are available to stream & download, completely FREE.
7 day Cure Insomnia Hypnosis Course
Deep Sleep Whisper Hypnosis
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Fall asleep with Jason
In Bed With Jason
Let me bore you to sleep
Sleep Hypnosis Weekly
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Sleep Insomnia Hypnosis
I genuinely hope that this sleep podcast helps you to overcome insomnia and sleep easier. If you need to contact me, my personal email address is: you can contact me on the contact page. Lots of love Jason Newland. xx
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