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DrDebzz Opening Shpiel
Contrary to popular belief, crying is a sign of strength, as well as emotional health. For example, those who cry during movies are most likely empaths.
Empaths care about others, a sexy quality, a coveted trait, one that makes for a great life partner. You can count on empaths not to hide or run when stressful situations occur. They will always be considerate of your feelings, able to put themselves in your shoes.
Crying during movies shows you're not egoistic or narcissistic, but can identify with and feel the character's pain. Bottom line if you want to find a passionate powerful man or woman, look for someone who cries at movies.
Guest Caller
Susan from Michigan seeks to set boundaries with a dear, long time friend, who bombards her with negativity.
Weekly WOW (Words of Wisdom)
"Follow your heart, stay aligned with your Source of being. Love and let the Universe take care of the details."
Dr. Wayne Dyer

Confidence Boosters/Esteem Builders
I am grateful for Spirit's loving guidance!
I listen and lovingly surrender to the
Divine Whisper in my heart!
I am in joyous alignment with my
highest good unfolding now!

Featured Artist
Harvey Shield of the Mighty Echoes, an A Cappella Doo-wop quartet, in a LIVE phone interview, reveals the meaning of music in his life, advice for aspiring artists, and what he believes is the key to finding and keeping love.
Hear Harvey, baritone; Charlie Davis, bass; John Lathan, second tenor; and Jon Rubin, first tenor, using their unique voices to create pitch perfect harmonies in the tune, "Morse Code of Love."
For over 30 years The Mighty Echoes have appeared on stages world-wide with artists, e.g. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder. Their extensive film/TV credits include singing with Tony Danza on “Who’s The Boss?” and jamming with Danny Devito on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”
Catch The Mighty Echoes LIVE at Vitello's Supper Club, 4349 Tujunga Ave., in Studio City, on Friday August 12th.
Tickets at
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