The FDA is a F*ckboy


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Bake From Scratch:

Leftover Makeover Seafood Miso Soup:

Spirit of Norfolk:

Drag Yourself to Brunch:

Wildlife Center Will Name a Salmon for Your Ex, Then Feed It to a Bear:

Chicken & Waffles Cereal Is Here For People Who Are Too Lazy To Go To Brunch:

KFC released a Cheetos sandwich complete with fried chicken, Cheetos, and cheese sauce:

PepsiCo is rolling out a fleet of robots to bring snacks to college students:

When Chocolate Cake Became Chocolate:

Top Chef:

On Every Box of Cake Mix, Evidence of Freud's Theories:

23andMe claims its gene test can help you lose weight. Not so fast, scientists say:

Why these food additives are banned in Europe—but not in the United States:

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