Dominique Antiglio - How to Practice Sophrology and the Path to Self-Awareness through Repetition


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Today’s guest is Dominique Antiglio.
Dominique is one of the world’s leading Sophrologists, a best-selling author, and founder of BeSophro, a global Sophrology platform.
But what is Sophrology, you’re surely asking? Sophrology is the science of consciousness in harmony, or more straightforward, it’s a form of dynamic relaxation, meditation, and self-exploration that works well with our modern lifestyles.
Dominique has been involved in Sophrology since she was 15 and now specializes in stress management, anxiety reduction and burn-out prevention. Her best-selling book The Life-Changing Power of Sophrology was the first widely published book on Sophrology in English and is now the leading authority on the subject.
After running a successful osteopathy practice in Switzerland and feeling a bit lost in her career, she shut up shop and moved to London to start a new life and a second career as a Sophrologist – a profession people had never heard of outside of a few European countries. Single-handedly, she has built up Sophrology to become part of the health and wellness mainstream, in a similar vein to mindfulness, meditation and yoga, and continues her mission to spread the word about how the practice can benefit the world.
Listen as we discuss:

  • What is Sophrology, and why is it so powerful?
  • Why Dominique decided to dedicated her life to spreading Sophrology.
  • The 12 Levels of Sophrology, and the different techniques used at each level.
  • Self-awareness blooms from repetition.
  • How can we practice calm at the end of an exhausting day?
  • Positivity and the misunderstandings around it.
  • Level 4 of Sophrology asks, "What do you want to do with this newfound calm?"
  • Dominique's transition from Osteopath to Sophrologist.
  • How she wrote her bestselling book on the subject.

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