#DOWPOD Episode 12: Pyro, Curses and Fingers (@DitsOnWrestling)


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Another week, another episode of the DOWPOD in the bag! This week, Dits drops a huge announcement that will (probably not) have Wrestling Twitter talking! Sadly, to counteract the good news, it's time to say goodbye to Quickfire News. However, it isn't goodbye forever AND it's been replaced by a weekly Q&A so it's not all bad, right? As usual, the highlights of RAW and Smackdown will be discussed and some great DOW Recommendations for you. Get downloading, get subscribing and throw out a cheeky 5 star rating whilst you're at it! Find me on Twitter @DitsOnWrestling to keep up with all the news on the podcast as well as opinion pieces on all things wrestling! Enjoy the show.

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