318 – Is Race Car Sponsorship a Smart Marketing Strategy?


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I LOVE it when I get seeded!

I was seeded a little while back from long time listener Steve Keil from The Laser Group to go to a corporate race day with a Porsche V8 Supercar that The Laser Group sponsors.

I think it’s fair to say that this episode is the highest octane, adrenalin pumping full throttle show I have ever produced.

Have you ever wondered what the ROI on sponsoring a race car is?

I’ve often wondered what the point was in having your logo on a race car that was belting down the race track at 200 km/hr. Is it really good brand awareness? Is it really worth the money? How much does it cost anyway?

In this episode I take you along for the ride (literally). I had a microphone on me all day and interviewed Steve Keil about why he decided to sponsor a race car, and it may not be the reasons you think. I also had the chance to interview V8 supercar racing legend Steve Richards about his car which is his business and his approach to obtaining great sponsors. I spoke to some Laser Group staff and some of their clients to really get the full picture on the whole racing car sponsorship thing.

Laser Racing Ride Day - May 2016 - Sandown

By the end of this episode if nothing else you will be entertained. You will also have a clearer picture of what it means to sponsor a racing car and a whole new perspective on staff and client engagement.

The verdict? I’m all for it! Thanks so much to Steve Keil and The Laser Group for seeding me, and also Steve Richards for keeping me alive!

Enjoy this one team, I know I did!

Laser Racing Ride Day - May 2016 - Sandown

You may be exposed to risks that ‘may result in death’… Where do I sign? @TimboReid @LaserGroupAUS
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‘We care about business, we want to build a business and we want to have some fun as well’…
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02:08 Welcome & overview
02:55 Insights into WebCentral
04:04 Today’s introduction to the race day
17:30 Cornerstone Business Solutions
18:50 Race day – Part 2
34:08 My top 3 attention grabbers from the race day
36:46 Wrap-up and insights in to next week’s guests


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What was your biggest marketing learning or ah-ha moment from this episode?

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