02 - Prospering as a Franchise Entrepreneur with Terri Jacques


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With the rise of outsourcing jobs overseas, automating jobs, and rapid advancements in technology making certain industries obsolete, many people feel helpless in their careers.

Terri Jacques, a prolific Massage Envy franchisee, knew that her job in IT would someday be outsourced and decided to go into franchising to build her own career and her own life.

Terri went from struggling to get a SMB loan to now having 100+ employees, and is going on four (extremely successful) franchise locations.

In this episode of Small Business Edge, Terri talks us through her path to franchise entrepreneurship, the difficulties she had to overcome, and the period of her life when she worked 100-hour workweeks.

Topics Discussed:

  • Terri’s start with Massage Envy
  • Managing a full time job with two franchise locations
  • The best parts of being a franchise owner
  • The importance of great employees
  • The most fulfilling parts of entrepreneurship
  • Responsibilities of owning a business


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