09 - Why the Customer is Always Boss with European Wax Center Franchisee Taylor Bartels


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Taylor Bartels is the President of Galleon Holdings and a Franchisee for European Wax Center.

If you had told Taylor twenty years ago that he would be running a waxing business he might have thought you were crazy. It was never an obvious path, but when he and his wife started exploring franchise options, they fell in love with European Wax Center and have gone on to create a successful business enterprise.

In this episode, Taylor shares his story of making the jump into franchising, the difference between being entrepreneurial and being an entrepreneur, and why your customer is always your boss.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How Taylor made the jump to franchising
  • The difference between being entrepreneurial and being an entrepreneur
  • Can anyone be a good entrepreneur?
  • Why your customer is always your boss
  • How do you get valuable feedback from your customers?
  • Advice for those new to the franchise industry

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