S2 E6 - Meeting a Community Need Successfully with Joe Zentmyer of First Ascent Climbing & Fitness


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Joe Zentmyer is the co-founder and CFO at First Ascent Climbing & Fitness.

On this episode of Small Business Edge, Joe shares how the climbing community in Chicago was in need of a climbing gym for 20 years, and the founders of First Ascent were the first who were to do it successfully.

Joe shares what sets First Ascent apart from other climbing gyms, and how they have successfully grown the business to multiple locations.

Like any entrepreneur, Joe doesn't have a "standard" workday. He talks about what his typical week looks like, how he spends his weekends, and the importance of having his own fitness routine in his life.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How First Ascent was able to successfully fill a need in Chicago
  • Finding a good location for a business can really impact success
  • The importance of knowing who is in your community and catering your offerings to them
  • The workflow as the CFO at First Ascent - what the weeks and weekends look like
  • How to balance personal care with work
  • Failures, challenges, and what it’s really like to found a startup
  • Advice for following your passion

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