S2 E9 - The Business of Yoga with Amanda Kingsmith from M.B.Om


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Amanda Kingsmith is a Praxis Advisor, a yoga studio manager, a yoga teacher, a yoga business coach, a podcast host, and a world traveler.

After transitioning from the corporate world into teaching yoga, Amanda experienced that the rates for yoga classes were high, yet yoga teachers were consistently not making a sustainable income. She recognized that the business acumen in the yoga world wasn’t there, and decided to bridge that gap with her podcast on the business of yoga, M.B.Om.

On this episode, Amanda and T.K. talk about the business of yoga, as well as dive into Amanda’s workflow, how she manages a number of different jobs at once, and is able to balance working with traveling the world.

Amanda shares the resources that have helped her most to set up a productive workday, and tips for anyone who wants to dive into remote entrepreneurship.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How Amanda got into the yoga industry and began to learn about the business side of yoga
  • How to go from a part-time yoga teacher to a full-time yoga teacher
  • Shifting the mindset of asking for yoga for free and when it’s appropriate to work for free
  • How Amanda organizes her schedule
  • The importance of self-care as an entrepreneur
  • How Amanda balances travel with work
  • When you want to dive into entrepreneurship, make sure that you love what you’re doing because it’s going to be hard

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