S2 E5 - Liz Naber on Navigating the Surprises of Entrepreneurship


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Liz Naber is an owner at Pure Barre. Pure Barre is a total body workout that uses the ballet bar to perform movements that help burn fat and create long, lean physiques.

Liz was a soccer player all her life and didn’t believe in group fitness classes. It wasn’t until she tore her ACL that a friend suggested that she try barre. She loved it!

After a year of doing barre regularly, the company that Liz worked for was going in a different direction and she decided to make the leap into becoming a franchise owner.

On this episode of Small Business Edge, Liz shares what it’s like to be a franchise owner and how it differed from what she expected. She also shares her day-to-day routine and some of the rituals and routines that help her sustain a high level of performance, as well as advice on finding good talent.

Discussed on this episode:

  • How Liz became a Pure Barre franchise owner
  • What being a franchise owner is actually like
  • What surprised Liz about being a franchise owner
  • Day to day life for Liz
  • Rituals and routines that help Liz sustain a high level of performance
  • How to find good talent
  • How to know when to take the leap into entrepreneurship

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