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When and where does someone's personal health story and science meet? How can a clinician listen deeply to hear between the words used in the telling of the story? Why would a patient wish to have a health practitioner use Narrative Medicine skills in their patient interactions? Lissanthea is a fascinating combo of Physiotherapist and Entrepreneur that challenges herself to listen deeply. Here's why.
Bio: Lissanthea Taylor, Co-founder and teacher at, author at PainChats, clinical director and co-founder at Brain Changer.

Lissanthea is a physiotherapist by trade, and a writer, educator and entrepreneur by design. She describes herself as a reluctant clinician, always cautious about the certainty that she was expected to have in judging people's health and healing. Her love of literature and art made narrative medicine a natural fit for teaching skills to re-humanize healthcare. She's resisted the seductive pull of academia in favour of using technology, business and clinician education to apply interdisciplinary research to the massive social and economic challenge of chronic pain.
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