2: Not In My Backyard


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A husband calls 911 to report that his wife is dead - drowned in the hot tub. Investigators are immediately suspicious when they notice injuries to the husband’s wrists. As evidence begins to mount, the victim’s well-heeled friends and neighbors push back at the idea that it could be murder. Because that’s something which happens to other people.
Special Guests: Sergeant David is a 30-year veteran of law enforcement. As a detective, he has lead investigations into murder, child abuse, robbery, narcotics, auto theft, burglary, and sexual assault. He has worked patrol, is currently the SWAT team commander, and is in charge of his agency’s detective bureau.
Lieutenant George has been in law enforcement for over 20 years. Before his recent promotion to Sergeant, he spent 12 years as a detective in the Violent Crimes Unit of his town’s police agency. George has been a member of SWAT for 17 years. He has also served on Bike Patrol and as a Field Training Officer.

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