#234 - Sickness, Solvent & Snuff Films - Borrego Springs, California


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This week, in Borrego Springs, California, a very sick person hatches a very sick plan to lure his prey to a secluded spot, and inflict untold horrors upon them. It turns out even worse than the plan, but the big problem is that this definitely not the first time. A history of sordid attempts to take creepy pictures, and maybe make some snuff films, blows this whole thing wide open, and even more disturbing information is unearthed!

Along the way, we find out that you better not turn your porch light on in this town, that you shouldn't take a creepy person's offer to take nude pictures of you, and that you can't be your own alibi!!

Hosted by James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman

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