Empowering Women in Financial Planning


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Matt will be speaking at an event on the topic of empowering women in financial planning and it got him thinking a lot about examples in his personal and professional life that tie into the topic. This episode will run through statistics you need to know and the most important investment items you need to have in order.

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Today's rundown:

0:52 – Busy next year coming for Matt.

1:51 – What got me thinking about this topic.

5:14 – How to contact me with questions.

5:46 – Question from Lonnie: I’m planning on selling some property to do some different investment for retiring but I just discovered how much tax I’ll owe. Should I just hold onto it?

9:32 – Things that have happened in my personal life to make me want to do these workshops.

11:22 – Statistics that you need to know.

12:15 – What I’m talking about at the event and why it’s important.

12:31 – Understanding Social Security and pension planning.

13:07 – Understanding estate and legacy planning – life changes, power of attorney, living will and other considerations.

15:11 – Why beneficiary forms have to be addressed for every account.

16:10 – If your husband is taking care of all the finances, start getting involved in that process.

18:36 – Downloads I’m including today in the show notes.

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