3 Listener Questions About Investing, 401k, and Retirement


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You never know what kind of questions or scenarios you’ll come across when working with clients. But that’s what makes planning exciting. Today we’ll pull three great questions that we’ve heard recently involving 401k rollovers, investing rental property proceeds, and the challenge of spending in retirement. We’ll go in-depth on each answer to show you how we approach each situation.

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On This Episode:

0:34 – The plan for today’s show.

3:07 – Question: I’m selling one of my rental properties in the next month or two and I don’t have any plans to buy another one. What’s the best thing to do with the money from that sale?

4:08 – The first thing to consider is your tax obligation when selling the property?

5:19 – What the IRS is looking at when calculating your taxes.

6:26 – Now what to do with that money. Here are some options.

8:00 – This question reminds Matt of a past client. This is how it played out.

9:58 – You want to understand your tax costs, much like you would for a 401k.

13:04 – Question: Are there really no tax implications for rolling over my 401k?

13:39 – First thing to do is reach out and see what your company’s policy is for transferring.

14:13 – How the transfer will actually work.

17:05 – What about an old 401k? Is it the same process?

18:18 – Question: Ever since I retired, I’ve had a really hard time spending money. Something about not having a paycheck makes me nervous.

19:38 – Matt’s advice to Jay involves a distribution plan.

20:24 – Look at your budget in these three categories.

21:27 – Five places you can generate income in retirement.

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