304. “You Have a Type and it Might be Mullets” – Sarah, Amanda, and Elyse are VERY Silly About Books and Villainy


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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like when we hang out in a room together, well, this episode is for you. And if you need a lot of silly laughter, this is definitely the episode for you. While we were at Romantic Times BookLovers Convention in May, we recorded two podcasts, which I should not ever do again because it makes the editing quite a challenge. This is Part one, which is Incredibly Silly. We recorded after dinner one night, s o we’re Sleepy and Goofy (and perhaps also Doc and Dopey - I’m definitely Dopey). We talk about books we are interested in or have seen at RT, and then we get really silly. Our discussion includes: 1. Why does Amanda have a weakness for Val Kilmer? 2. How does Amanda rank the Hemsworths in order of physical density? 3. How does Amanda rank the Real Housewives franchises in terms of quality? 4. How bad of a style icon was Anita Blake? 5. How many Alfreds were there in the Batman film franchise? 6. What fanfics are Elyse and Amanda’s favorite? 7. Which Backstreet Boy was Amanda and Elyse’s favorite? 8. Can Amanda and Elyse find a villain hero that interests me? (Spoiler alert: nope). This is what happens when Sarah, Amanda, and Elyse get really silly, and stop making sense. And given that this has been A Rough Week, we hope you enjoy our completely bubbly, goofy, discussion.

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