306. Historical Gossip and Useful Women: An Interview with Darcie Wilde


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Today I’m chatting with Darcie Wilde, author of the Rosalind Thorne mystery series. Rosalind is the heroine of the series, and in the first book, A Useful Woman, she finds herself in reduced circumstances after her father ruins the family and runs off, taking Rosalind’s sister with her, and leaving Rosalind to care for her mother and figure out a way forward for herself. Rosalind’s story is heavily based in Regency history and in research, and - this is the fun part - a lot of gossip. During our conversation, we discuss the role of genteel employment for women in society who couldn’t overtly be seen working for payment, and we talk about the ways in which Lord Byron was a complete and utter heel. We also cover the scandals that surrounded Almack’s, the court, and Regency society, and the ways in which court politics are immutable in every era. And we discuss the presence of people of color and marginalized groups in Regency London, and in the series. The character and story of Rosalind Thorne presents a fascinating venue through which to examine and explore the history and experiences of people in precarious positions, especially because so little has changed in so many ways. If you’d like to hear gossip about people who are long dead, including the patronesses of Almack’s, this episode should be very dishy indeed.

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