308. Sarah and Amanda are Terrible at Watching TV (But We Talk About it Anyway)


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Amanda tweeted that she’s terrible at watching tv, which is something I’ve said about myself many, many times. When I asked her about it, we started a long conversation about series, storytelling in pieces, trusting the storyteller and fearing enjoyment. We talk about investing time, energy, empathy, and attention in tv shows, and watching series with another person who holds us accountable. We also touch on the difficulties in selecting things to enjoy when there is so much to watch, and so much to choose from. I also try to find answers to some questions, including: Why does Amanda often stop watching and reading series she is really enjoying - in the middle without finishing? Why is watching a movie easier than beginning a series in books or in tv? What makes a viewer or reader fear the end of a series? What is it about hype that is a turn off? How much did LOST fuck up Amanda’s ability to enjoy a tv series? Some of us are bad at keeping up with a series, and I’m definitely one - and it seems, so is Amanda, both in tv and in book form. Eventually, we figure out what shows scarred us for life as romance readers in terms of trusting the storyteller, and where our trope catnips and trope destroyers come from. Please note: I spoil the heck out of the 1987 Beauty and the Beast tv show. Do you like tv shows? Does being a romance reader affect how you see television series, book series, or your interest in sticking with either? What shows have scarred you for life? Email us! sbjpodcast@gmail.com

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