316. Sarah and Amanda Talk Book Nesting and Re-Reading Series


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Amanda and I catch up now that Amanda has moved into her new apartment - and unpacked probably a thousand books. Then we talk about Amanda’s current adventure re-reading a series she’s not enjoying, but continuing to read. We discuss the ending of series we’ve started, why we tapped out, and why we sometimes keep reading despite our own preferences. We ask important questions, such as: What are your stopping points in a series as a reader? What makes you stop reading a series - or keep reading it even though it’s not what you expected? Do you like being surrounded by your books? And of course, how is reading a series like eating candy corn? Plus - a sneak preview of an upcoming episode we’re planning. CW/TW: We discuss assault of characters in the series Amanda is reading at 21:05 for about 1 minute total.

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