319. Realistic Characters and Even More Realistic Settings: An Interview with Sarah Morgan


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Today I’m chatting with Sarah Morgan, who I’ve known for a while now, and interviewed on the podcast before. Her latest book, The Christmas Sisters, is out, so we talk about her latest novel, and the strange vagaries of staggered releases for books, which often happens too her titles between the US and the UK and elsewhere. Because this is Sarah’s 85th book, we talk a good bit about writing, both the discipline and the routine she follows as well as the strategies for setting and character. Here’s a hint: pick a real location, but make up the village or town yourself. Other writing tips she shares: - Where to find excellent details for making a setting realistic. - How to choose the setting so it becomes an additional character. - How the perspectives of writing Harlequin Presents, single title romance, and women’s fiction is a lot like a camera lens - The empowerment of accepting one’s own creative process, and trusting one’s editor! - The importance of routine, and scheduling time for the writing and the business of writing. I also have questions from the podcast Patreon community, and they’re fabulous, too. Thank you! Thank you to Ann, Karoline, and Verity for the questions!

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