337. Lots and Lots of Murder: An Interview with Karen Rose


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This week I’m chatting with New York Times bestselling author Karen Rose, and this episode was almost titled, "The catharsis of killing lots of people." She has a new book out February 12th titled Say You’re Sorry. It is the start of a new romantic suspense series with an overarching storyline throughout. Please note that at various times in the interview, we talk about trauma, violence, PTSD, and other elements of building murderers, serial killers, and victims in suspense and thriller novels. We also talk about: Cults, killers, and incorporating pieces of reality in suspense Writing nuanced, motivated villains with vulnerabilities Writing trauma as part of a story, and how to research that portrayal How she got her start writing - in secret - and how many times she rewrote her first novel How reverse-engineering Law & Order and suspense stories wherein she couldn’t guess the killer right away helped her learn suspense structure Why knitting is a great plot development tool So, what do you do when people around you are sometimes really crappy, mildly crappy, or full-on terrible all-around USDA Grade-A organic crappy? Kill them off, or make them killers. It seems to be, judging from this conversation, very cathartic.

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