PROPERTY SHOWCASE: A property management alternative and a special offer


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Yabonza Yabonza is a fast-growing #proptech start-up in the real estate space, disrupting property management globally. They pride themselves on a personalised service that works hand in hand with technology. They bring transparency, trust and efficiency and much more to an industry that is prime for change. Their unique Yabonza business model means that they partner with local services and distributors and plug in a marketplace to better service both the landlord and the tenant. In this episode of Property Showcase, Yabonza CEO Mark Trowell joins host Tom Gilmour to reveal how their platform is catering to the needs of property investors at a more cost-effective rate than traditional property management processes. In this episode, hear from Mark about: - How you can seamlessly move your properties across to Yabonza - What made him investigate an alternative to the traditional property management approach - The fees associated with their services

dashdot Dashdot is a full-service buyer's agency that helps everyday Australians who want to avoid a life of financial insecurity find, purchase and grow high-performance property portfolios, and build a powerful and confident legacy for future generations. In this episode of Property Showcase, principal buyer's agent at dashdot Glenn "Goose" McGrath joins host Tom Gilmour to reveal how he is tracking down "unicorn properties" and helping investors scale their portfolio. In this episode, hear from Goose about: - A special offer that you can take advantage of - Why a "hotspot" purchase may not be your best investment - The main challenges that property investors are facing in the current climate

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