Smarther News Ep.6- Independence Day


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Happy July 4th! Did you know the American Revolutionary war lasted 7 years?….7 years....

And by a simple twist of fate or luck or divine intervention…America didnt lose…but we had a few very near misses of almost losing it all. And that’s why the story of Washington’s Crossing marks a pivotal moment in all of our fates. Because it changed the momentum of the war.

Listen to the story as told by Clay Craighead, marvelous historian, at Washington Crossing State Park. I had to got there in person. I had to stand on the ground. In a day, when electronic records can vanish, it’s important to stand where history happened. We recorded this interview in Clay’s office, where he’s worked for 30 years. You’ll hear a little bit of the working office in the background - I apologize for that...but its sitting in someone’s office, where they’re comfortable, that you get the most passion and you’ll hear that in Clay’s voice.… There’s a moment in our conversation where he mentions bloody footprints in the snow…an image I’ll never forget, especially this July 4th…as we celebrate the land of the free and the home…of the brave.

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