SmartHER News Ep.7-White House Photog Paul Morse


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Dear Friends, While we cover current event headlines on (and this week is no exception), taking a break from the back-n-forth and listening to someone like our next guest can offer invaluable insight, not only for what we see and read on a regular basis, but how to live our best lives. You might have seen the above “family photo” at Former First Lady Barbara Bush’s funeral. The attendees all recognizable to us, and ironically, the man behind the camera familiar to all of them - a quiet presence during some of the most crucial historical moments of the last 20 years. Paul Morse started as a newspaper photojournalist and his work led to a position at the Bush White House. He later met the Clinton family and worked as a photographer for the Clinton Global Initiative – and had the opportunity to capture the Obamas at a variety of different events. He joins us to talk about his career but more importantly to speak about what happens behind the scenes when in the presence of the most powerful men and women in the world. A good perspective considering a time when it's easy to talk superficially about politics and political personalities, but more rare to discuss what really matters and what's at stake- Our two goals on We hope you enjoy our conversations as much as we did. You can listen in the link above, by clicking HERE, or apple itunes. Jenna & The SmartHER News Team.

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