Creating profit with a new game, CROSSNET, Featuring Chris Meade


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Chris Meade is the co-founder of CROSSNET, the world's first four-way volleyball game.

We discuss:

  • The best idea out of a hundred ones [1:40]
  • How to go from a group of people who trust you to a business that makes money [5:15]
  • How to “take advantage” of your online skills [7:09]
  • The video component: creating a big impact with a very small investment [9:10]
  • What makes high-quality email marketing [12:34]
  • A price point that makes a difference in terms of online sales [14:23]
  • Where to get outside help in order to cover the missing skills for your business [15:24]
  • Techniques to enhance your ability to hire somebody who’s a good fit on the first try [17:23]
  • Trying to prepare for wild success while struggling with cash flow [19:11]

Learn more about Chris at and LinkedIn.

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