264: Blackman Beyond: Rise of Skywalker Trailer, Watchmen, The Matrix


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Marc takes over the Scum & Villainy Cantina with special guests Jacqueline Coley (@THATJacqueline) and Malcolm Barrett(@malcolmbarrett) to talk about: - Marc Explains whats up with him and why Kevin is missing. - Marc sings Happy Birthday to an audience member. - Jacqueline Coley joins Marc on stage. - Rise of Skywalker Trailer. - Movie Marathon: Star Wars & Marvel. - Watchmen - Great British Bakeoff. - Malcolm Barrett joins the show! - Jacqueline talks about her Rotten Tomatoes Book - Marc and Malcolm create the new News theme. - Kevin Feige takes over Marvel. - Bone series on Netflix. - Jada Pinkett Smith and more in new Matrix movie. - Zoë Kravitz cast as Catwoman - The Boys - Q&A

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