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An Afghan man is asked the unexpected by one of the most notorious Talibs in his neighborhood. A boy is picked on at school but it isn’t the other kids he has to worry about. Glynn flies too close to the sun. And not even death can keep true friends apart.


Extremist Makeover

A young boy in Afghanistan was approached by one of the most notorious Talibs in his neighborhood. He never expected the request the Talib made.

Find out more about Qais Akbar Omar’s journey during Afghanistan’s long wars in his book, Fort of Nine Towers.

Produced by Anna Sussman, sound design by Renzo Gorrio

Nellie’s Pond

When Peter Aguero got picked on as a kid, it wasn’t the other kids he had to worry about.

Produced by Ana Adlerstein & Joe Rosenberg, sound design by Leon Morimoto


How close can Glynn get to the sun?

Produced by Pat Mesiti Miller

Cece’s Ghost

Not even death can keep true friends apart.

Susan Kent is a Brooklyn-based writer and performer who curates the storytelling show, Tell It: Brooklyn. Learn all about her on her blog.

Produced by Ana Adlerstein, sound design by Pat Mesiti Miller

Artwork by Teo Ducot

Snap Classic - Season 12 - Episode 40

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