Snark Knights #22: The Crow: City of Angels (1996)


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The good news is, the Snark Knights are back after a nice little hiatus. The bad news is, we’re coming back with “The Crow: City of Angels.” A movie so bad it killed a theatrical franchise. A movie so draining that we almost quit halfway through watching it and gave it the first “do not watch” we have issued in 22 episodes of this endeavor.

We were going to suggest a drinking game to go along with this episode: take a drink whenever one of us says “fever dream” or “cheap.” But after realizing how many drinks that would be, we cannot endorse the game any more than we can endorse this movie.

We truly can’t emphasize enough that you should not watch this movie. In fact, dare we say, the only safe way to consume this 80 minute monstrosity is by listening to us spend a little over half the run-time talking about it instead. Join us! And hold on to your sanity because you’re gonna wish you were dead so you could come back to life solely to wreak vengeance upon “The Crow: City of Angels.”

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