Sneaky Dragon Episode 453


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Hola, Sneakers. Welcome to Episode 253 of the podcast that cares just that little bit more!

This week: the times they are a-changin’; unforgettable; autograph hounded; crashing it; thin skin storm; hi-ho silver linings; let’s get together; the towel of babble; faithfully yours; occulture club; not dead…yet; the master of dreck; shopping; slow cooking; it’s not a wash; surprise petunia; a big watershed; painful self-awareness; fuddy duddies; hit the road; careful viewing; breaking ghosts; vague Abbott and Costello; funny films; pro-Buster; pretty fishy; hunk o’burning priest; celebrity Christ; nice compliment; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; a tail of murder; nice to ba an afterthought; Insta-Pot spokesperson; a pizza story; and, finally, some tusslin’.

Question of the Week: What’s your favourite funny movie?
Sub-question: What’s something you’re trying to get done this summer?

Thanks for listening.

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