Sneaky Dragon Episode 495


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Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 495 of the podcast that ain’t stayin’ alive!

This week: mixed-up confusion; more chicken wrangling; deadlined; dumb draft; impossibly possible; unwilling participant in one’s own creativity; technically a fraud; we’re gonna Zoom; the age of formality; on the level; honorary bed; just the fax; invisible ink; the magazine not for Dave; not free Solo; R.I.P. Paul Soles; Paul Kligman trivia; score!; social media death; cash in some fun chips; outrageously old; a dose of reality; generational trauma; Napoleon hears his Waterloo; Euro trivia; be careful with your bee gees; the explained joke; let’s get together; donuts or…; overrated dessert; the Talmud was right; typical show; the Big Turk problem; a failure of marketing; the pleasures of dining out; air fryer’s delight; enjoy your balls; duck of the pool; Dork Shadows – Season of the Witch; the Beatles trifecta; heroin monster; maudlin frog; grisly gag; battered blood; our best show ever; the Casties; the penultimate farewell; and, finally, keep it easy.

Question of the week: Has there ever been a time that you’ve maybe had something that you shouldn’t – or something that you normally wouldn’t – all to youself?
Sub-question: Fill out the dessert bracket [below]. Let’s make this official!!!

Is this clear? Go from 8 items, to 4 items, to 2, to 1, okay?

As we said during the show, be sure to go check out Ed Draganski chatting about Star Wars on the Electric Jellyfish podcast! Follow this link!

That depressing video about our apparently all-too brief lives:

Binging with Babish makes up for his terrible poutine decisions:

Here is that Electric Company joke about dead people and parrots – for kids!

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