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Hola, Sneakers! Welcome to Episode 496 of the podcast that just won’t eat Quix!

This week: a sleep paralysis sitcom; really get to know Dave; more boobs; heroic haircut; Y: The Last Emperor; original Late Night; let’s repeat that failure; surrogate Letterman; Leno’s giant mistake; Fallon down; brief aside: Giuliani sucks; textbook bullshit; familial meritocracy; competitive synergy; black horror; dumb horror; we recommend: Bo Burnham’s Inside; also, we recommend Hacks; non-elective gap year; current traumatic stress disorder; leave that dead horse alone; stress speaking; personal Slurpees; unmotivated dieting; get rich quick scheme; Chick Talk™; go lay an egg; ice-cold reviews; live television; soap opera retcons and memory wipes; mummies can’t talk; more Letterman; comedy farms; boat bashing; Question of the Week – Sneakers respond; school sneakers; all by ourselves; catfishing; all of our friends were there; Laraine Newman facts; stealth talent; Carmina Burana one more time; and, finally, let’s end with a smattering.

Question of the week: When you were a kid, what was your late night treat show?
Sub-question: Who was an underrated performer on Saturday night Live?

Two of our listeners went to the trouble of filling our their bracket!!!

Thanks to Louise:

and Nina:

For their Photoshop skillz!

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