Sneaky Dragon Episode 463


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Hola, Sneakers. Welcome to the Episode 463 of the show that never blows.

It! I forgot to say “it”. Oof!

Anyway, this week Ian and David are starting with abject apologies; calling for action; baiting squirrels; making sweet sweet potatoes; confusing names; hailing Otto Lowy; knocking opportunities; talking talk radio; telling a touching story with a heartfelt moral; bemoaning kids these days; pitching woes; anxious about anxiety; all for equal opportunities; having agoraphobiaphobia; taking tricky tests; declared Grodinheads; hot for Heat; updating Scorsese; taking down The Snowman; watching The Key Party Murders; researching on Mr. and Mrs. Skin; oozing pus; taking miracle drugs; having dermatological fun; happening upon adult movies…again; having kids encounters; wench guessing; voting for death; asking whatever happened to brother Chuck; remembering the height of meat prices; jealous of Angel’s chili; figurin’ figurines; getting cereal-ized; feeling the Kondo crunch; squealing to death; naming that tune; anti anti-heroes; talking talking tigers; and, finally, singing descriptive theme songs.

Thanks for listening.

Question of the Week: What was your favourite cereal as a child? What is your favourite cereal now?
Sub-question of the Week: What’s the best prize you ever got from cereal, Cracker Jack, Kinder Surprise, Red Rose Tea, etc.?

Ian’s wife Pia talking about her work!

I guess they really were a thing!

Captain Crunch with cinnamon. Also a thing!

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