E373 - May Request Roulette (05 Jun 2021)


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After a forced absense last week, SNS returns with May's Request Roulette. Who fell foul of the Sonic Curse this month? Download and find out! Tracklistings: - SING!! SEGA Game Music presented by B.B. Queens - (I Fight) FIRE WITH FIRE ~ Image from Golden Axe II - SEGAROCK Vol. 01 - IN THE BLUE SKY - Granblue Fantasy: Versus - Paradise Lost - Sonic Gems Collection - Living in the City LTN Mix - Initial D Arcade Stage - DON'T STOP THE MUSIC - Super Locomotive - Rydeen (Main BGM) - Club Sega 2 ~Beat Grooves~ - Dreams Dreams - From Ula 4 - Burn Out - Crackin' DJ - During The Nights - Panzer Dragoon Saga - Sona mi areru ec sancitu (Art Thou the Holy One) - Rad Mobile - Soup Up -2011- (NAV. Arrange Ver.) - Batman Returns [Mega-CD] - Dark Knight - S.S.T.BAND LIVE -G.S.M. SEGA- - Magical Sound Shower -Live Ver. '90.8.25- (Out Run) - Sonic Chaos - Aqua Planet Zone (MS) - Segacon -The Best of Sega Game Music- Vol.2 - Flowery Paris (Sakura Taisen 3) - ASTRO CITY mini -Celebration Album- - Rad Mobile -Mickey Arr Ver.- - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 [8-bit] - Under Ground Zone - Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium - Laughter - maimai MURASAKi - Living ghost is alive

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