Episode 70: Lucid Dreaming Experience, and Dream Ride on a School Bus


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In episode 70 of SO DREAMY, Rachel & Hannah discuss their recent dreams about bugs, past relationships and the Olsen twins, and go on a couple movie tangents (Beastly, It Takes Two, She’s All That, A Knight’s Tale, White Christmas). Then they listen to two listener voicemails: Alison’s lucid dream experience and @oceanicmaster’s dream of being on a school bus in his childhood neighborhood. R&H also explain their upcoming “semi-hiatus”: They’ll be releasing episodes less consistently for the first few months of 2020.

Send your dreams & sleepwalking/talking stories to SoDreamySnack@gmail.com or call 312-600-5538 (3-minute voicemail limit). Also connect with us on Twitter/Instagram @SoDreamySnack, and in the “So Dreamy” Facebook group.

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