Episode 18 - Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse


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New mics, who dis?

Bear with us friends, we are working out some kinks.


Brandy does an epic book read to a very amused Jess as we hit a screening (!!) this time to see Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse!

The biggest spoiler of them all - we liked this one.

Watch Spider Ben Affleck, Ballerina Spider-Woman, Grafitti Spider-Man, Darkman Spider-Man, Spider Anime, and Spider-Pig take on the evil King Pin to get them all back to their own time zones!

Is Uncle Aaron is Spider Person, or just a henchman? What was his name?

Where did that pesky spider come from anyway?

Can King Pin actually fit in the car that is driving him around?

Yeah for TWO female Post Supervisors!

Thanks Producer's Guild of America!

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That's all folks!

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