Episode 23 - Hellboy


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It's Hellboy! Hellboy! Brandy is so excited.... and then she realizes she is watching the new Hellboy and becomes sad. Jess has just remained angry through the evening.

How Hellboy is a descendant of King Arthur and that makes him the king of England, we are calling all kinds of bullshit and a big WTF?

Lobster guy - this cannot be a real character, right?

These vampires do not sparkle and the movie lacks because of it.

Abe Sapien is NOT the same guy in Shape of Water.

What is Daniel Dae Kim? A were-jaguar? and what was that accent?

The best thing about this movie is the soundtrack, according to Brandy. Jess votes for nothing.

On a scale from Darkman to Wonder Woman, where are you guys placing it? We voted low. Very low.

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