Episode 31 - Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer


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Break out your history books friends, we are going into the lives of the mortal enemies of the great Dutch Von Doom family, The Fantastic Four, and how Victor Von Doomed teamed up with the Majestic Surfer made of Silver in attempt to defeat and destroy them!

Spoiler alert - they failed.

What is this magical planet-eating thing? And why does it need the Silver Surfer?

What are all of the Fantastic 4's powers?

How does the Human Torch keeps "un-flaming" into clothes?

Who shot that Doom/Silver Surfer video?

Who is the bad guy in this movie?

So thankful someone is finally getting billed for all of these superhero damages!

If you learn nothing else from this podcast, just know that everyone deserves genitals.

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