S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 426 | Feeding Your Kids is Selfish


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If you have the audacity to provide for your family, you are selfish and you want people to die.

That's the cudgel with which shitlibs are browbeating their political opponents for daring to defy the various stay-at-home and lock down orders around the country.

However, one can't help but notice a difference in the tone between coverage of defiance in white, rural (and in many cases Christian) areas, and coverage of defiance among Orthodox Jews.

When white people defy a lock down, they're "extremists" and "terrorists" who deserve to be arrested for LITERALLY PUTTING LIVES AT RISK while trying to provide for themselves and their families. By contrast, when Orthodox Jews defy the lock down, "it's just a few bad apples who are giving the rest of Jews a bad name."

In other words, the media is more concerned for the reputation and status of the Jewish community than whether or not you and your family starve.

Interesting standard they're proposing, isn't it?

Sorry to keep talking COVID but these ridiculous lock downs are going to be the catalyst for the economic crisis I've looooong predicted.

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