#85: Tableau-Builders


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Mark thinks it is colossally unfair that he gets so much flak for speaking French when mediocre game designers get to throw around a word like "tableau." Then again, Mark and Walker can't quite agree on what a tableau constitutes. Mark seems to define it the way that American judge famously defined pornography--he knows it when he sees it--whereas Walker is more conspiratorial about tableaus (Tableaux? Tableausies?), seeing them everywhere and lurking behind every player board or suite of special powers. Nothing seems to inspire disagreement among geeks like a taxonomy.
AYURIS: Street Masters 2m17s (Adam Sadler & Brady Sadler, Blacklist Games, 2018)
Games Played Last Week:
-Attribute 5m27s (Marcel-Andre Casasola Merkle, Z-Man Games, 2002)
-Pax Pamir: Second Edition 7m33s (Cole Wehrle, Wehrlegig Games, 2019)
-Air, Land & Sea 9m57s (Jon Perry, Arcane Wonders, 2018)
-Shadows of Malice: Revised 2nd Printing 13m27s (Jim Felli, Devious Weasel Games, 2019)
-Undaunted: Normandy 17m10s (Trevor Benjamin & David Thompson, Osprey Games, 2019)
-Infinity 21m44s (Gutier Lusquiños Rodríguez, Corvus Belli, 2005)
News (and why it doesn't matter):
-Root's solitaire expansion 23m54s
-Donning more Purple 24m42s
-Mark pleads for strength in the face of Aeon Trespass 26m27s
-John Company 2nd edition: Mo JoCo Fo Sho 28m14s
Topic: Tableau-Builders 29m10s

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