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The NY Comedian’s Crush on Boston

Bill Burr Presents Paul Virzi: I’ll Say This

On this episode of the podcast I spoke with comedian Paul Virzi. He’ll be performing at Laugh Boston June 27th – 29th. This interview was setup in conjunction with DigBoston. This is a follow up interview with Paul. 2 years ago local comedian Tommy O’Deeds interviewed Paul for Dig, and they asked if I wanted to talk with him this time around. We talked about his kids, sports, being a comedian and a father, and much more. Paul also told me about why he loves coming to Boston and why it means so much to him.

You can read my Q&A with Paul by picking up a print copy of DigBoston on newsstand throughout the Boston area right NOW! or read it online here.

Music in this episode by my good friends Scott Lester & The Dirty Dottys.

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