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Humor, music, and why Andy Borowitz is the absolute worst, with the creators of punk’s satirical savior

This week on the podcast I spoke with founders of The Hard Times website, a punk-rock satirical comedy site. Not a day goes by in which one of my musician friends don’t post a Hard Times article, or I see one of their headlines and think “Fuck! I wish I wrote that.”

It was great talking with Matt Saincome and Bill Conway about satire, starting a website, music, and more. They’re releasing a new book called The Hard Times: The First 40 Years. Which is a fictitious telling of the first 40 years of Hard Times starting out as a zine in 1976. The book features some of the best old articles and brand new, never before seen ones as well.
Links to some of the things we talked about: Digboston article, Solovair Boots (aka the new Doc Martins), Punky Chips Ahoy commercial, and the Taco Bell Punk commercial.

If you’re in the Boston area come see them November 6th at Brookline Booksmiths.

Music in this episode by my good friends Scott Lester & The Dirty Dottys.

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