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This is a taster of a number of previous guests that have all been involved in the Irish Music scene at some point.

Colm Mac Con Iomaire, on his two solo albums and a number of scores for theatre and cinema after years with The Frames.

Steve Wall of The Stunning on his moving into the world of acting

Ken Binley on years of being "on the road" with world class bands.

Siobhan Murray on working in the music world as a young Irish woman in London

Eamon O'Connor of the Lucky Bones, on his love for live music

Mark Lawlor on how his love for music has inspire him later in life to learn how to play guitar and compose music.

Some of these guests met in the past through their passion for music, some of them will meet again in future, the Social Fabric is what ties us all together..

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The title song of the podcast is Alice, by Lucky Bones (Eamon O'Connor)

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