Clearing Frustrations & Cultivating Trust Meditation


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Welcome to the Social Media for a New Age, meditation of the month. I have been tuning into what I want to share this month and what I've noticed coming up for myself and with several clients… Is this feeling of I should be further ahead than I am and I'm not and therefore I'm frustrated or I feel like I should go faster. Rather than trusting in the natural flow and energy of the moment; because we are comparing ourselves to what other people are doing on social media or we're comparing ourselves to other people's business models or we should be feel we should be further ahead in this. So I thought I'd do the meditation around clearing this frustration and also cultivating a sense of trust in the present moment and the process of how long things take, depending on a variety of factors and this clearing, this feeling of I need to push or I need to force or I need to make things happen faster. To support my work and receive a new monthly meditation, chapters from my audio book, research and development work as I'm working on it and to get answers to your questions - please join me on my new platform

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