#GiveStartUpsAChance Understanding StartUp Legalities


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Join me for this episode to learn about the legal considerations as an entrepreneur and/or startup. Gal is a Practitioner of Foreign Law and brings to Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP (FMC) his experience as a global Corporate lawyer focusing on technology companies. Beginning his legal career in Israel, Gal moved his practice to FMC’s cross-border platform in 2010. He represents individual investors and venture capital funds investing in high growth emerging companies, and acts for investors forming technology investment funds. Fluent in four languages, Gal has experience in media, cleantech and life sciences technology transactions in various jurisdictions, including Canada, US, China, Europe and the Middle East. Gal is a legal adviser for entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capital funds and purchasers of new technologies. His areas of industry are consumer web and mobile, data analytics, SaaS, medical devices, drug delivery, energy efficiency and green chemistry. Gal's Twitter handle @FMC_Technology search #giverstartusachance for related episodes

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